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Personal Historians Tell the Story of Your Life

In both my personal and professional life, and now, as a Personal Historian, I have consistently witnessed the ability of oral history to provide enlightenment and reward simply by the sharing of the stories that mark our time on earth. Preserving family tales, recognizing the characters that have starred in the movie of your life - celebrating the importance of your memories. A Personal Historian places the individual firmly in the middle of history, cementing their place and involvement in the lives of their family, friends and loved ones.

Preserving your memories, your stories, your history...

...is not a new concept. Storytelling, the desire to pass on tradition, values and experience, has been with human kind since the beginning of time. Here in the 21st century, it might sound quaint to suggest that oral history holds any importance or value for those who share your world-the past is passed, most seem to say, let's move on.

"Without elders a society perishes socially and spiritually."
Fr. Richard Rohr

But, you are here, reading this, because something has caught your eye, or touched your mind and heart. Perhaps you have sensed the need to 'tell your story' in some form, but was unsure how to proceed. I want to provide you with direction, and the ways and means to fulfill this desire.

My work in You, The Storyteller gives me the chance to assist you in creating a gift so very personal, yet, so very universal. As you tell the story of your life, you can be assured in your effort that you are engaging in a noble and timeless tradition-and, I would suggest, a priceless tradition-you are giving a gift immeasurable in its ability to bequeath wisdom and purpose to all who share in the experience.

What a journey its been-let's talk about it.

More About Me
More about your personal historian Theo Moreno

I have loved the field of history all my life - from my early fascination with George Washington and the Revolutionary War to much of my professional career as a Guide at a historic home on the central coast of California working for the Department of Parks.

History is my passion, my pleasure and my reason.

I have wondered often why this seems to be so, and what I keep coming back to seems pretty simple... It's the stories. The stories, and their ability to convey the universal themes that shape and define our journeys, as individuals, as a people, as a world - also serve to give our individual sojourns an identity - a specific set of footsteps marking our time and place in this ongoing saga of humanity. Our stories simply say, "I am here, and this is what I've seen."

You, The Storyteller will provide you with a safe and professional environment in which you may share what you want, talk about what you want - after all, my efforts are aimed at providing you with an important opportunity - the opportunity to acknowledge YOUR life.